Aashalata Victoria Wilkinson Memorial Charitable Trust was started in November, 2006 in the densely populated proletariat community of Seemapuri, Shalimar Garden by its founder President Mr. Anil Wilkinson. During his many visits to the aforementioned locality, Mr. Wilkinson witnessed a highly populated area in stark contrast with most of children out of any purview of formal education set up and the already enrolled students emaciated in attitude, knowledge and skill developments, reason being from collective empathy of community to any prospect expectation from education to lack of motivating factors culminating in educational participation. After undertaking a participatory research it was identified that the community members mainly compromised working class with non-existent modern and secular education and there was a complete absence of any awareness regarding educational and employment opportunity available. The condition of women was dire as being an orthodox traditional society females were relegated to bottom of family hierarchy having no participation in domestic decision making. To fill this division of opportunity, Mr. Wilkinson decided to equip the present generation community children with reasonable education and skill for an healthy and equal participation in society, thus a non-formal, remedial education programme named Bal Vikaas Karyakram as well as a vocational training programme for the community’s adolescent girls was initiated under the aegis of parent organization Aashalata Victoria Wilkinson Memorial Charitable Trust. After constant sensitizing and community mobilization initiatives, with fellow trust members, Educators and Community members, the programme today is receiving a healthy response. A special program is designed to facilitate the assimilation of non-enrolled students in formal educational set-up and to improve the educational experience of students already enrolled in formal schools.

Rajeshwari Karuna School (At Bhatti Mines)

Aashalata Victoria Wilkinson Memorial Primary School (At Seemapuri)

Vocational Training

The Organization is also running a vocational programme for community’s adolescent girls, where they imbibe reasonable sewing skills to have a better chance of employment and earning rehabilitation. At present the programme is functioning in Seemapuri, Shalimar Garden and Shahabad Dairy. The organization plans to make its current intervention programs more streamlined and vocational oriented. It also plans to augment its intervention initiatives for more educational and economical rehabilitation of the community.

Primary Healthcare

We have also organized various free health awareness sessions and camps in the slums.