"Aashalata VWM Charitable trust" was initiated in the year 2006 to facilitate quality of life amongst the weaker section of our society through means of education and medical aid, thereby enabling a larger participation as responsible social citizens.


To initiate, maintain and achieve socio-progressive programs through collective individual and organizational strengths, with as aim to benefit the lower sections of the society through education, health and social awareness campaigns.


  1. Inititate Programs/ campaigns for holistic social development.
  2. Promote medical campagins through co-parternships to benefit weaker sections of the society.
  3. Facilitate medical aid for patients with pronlogned illness through identification of charities.
  4. Organize campagins/ programs toward education of destitute chidlren.
  5. Facilitate the enforcement and extensive penetration of Government Run Programs for economically weak children.
  6. Facilitate funding towards conducting of marriages in the economically weaker section of the society.
  7. Sensitizing government, communities and the civil society at large about the beeds of such children.
  8. Promoting smaller initiatives and groups workings for such children through capacity building and offering technical expertise.

What We Do

The citizens served by Aashalata include underprivileged children, destitute women and extremely old senior citizens. The patrons of Aashalata try and benefit these sections of the society towards overall educational, medical and economic assistance through various modes such as:

  1. Undertaking welfare programs for the care, protection and development of disadvantaged children, youth and women.
  2. Conducting research on issues related to neglected children and the juvenile justice system in the country.
  3. Initiating advocacy so as to mobilize various sections of society.
  4. Addressing departmenets for the effective fund allocation and deliverance.